11 10.1 to 10.6.2018 S ão Paulo - The first sales balance presented by Anfavea in February registered a decrease of 33% in business regarding agricultural and highway construction machinery segment. Even so, the entity projected a 7% increase in sales until December. But now, the outlook is for even more robust growth, of 11% for 2018. “It was a surprise when we released the business decrease in February, but the projections for the year were positive. We are readjusting the sales growth percentage based on this good performance, especially the agricultural machinery”, ponders Antonio Megale, president of Anfavea. There are many reasons that explain this year’s segment performance. The renovation of the machines due to the record harvest and the commercial war between the United States and China, which brings opportunities for Brazilian agribusiness, are some of them according to the entity. This way, the highway and construction machinery production registered an increase of 9.2% until now compared to the same period last year. 46,2 thousand units were produced. In September alone, 4,8 thousand units were manufactured, a 40.1% increase compared to the same month in 2017. The Brazilian domestic market, on the other hand, follows the path for growth. From January to September business grew 7.7%, with 34,6 thousand units delivered. However, the result of September, 4,9 thousand units was 2.9% lower. Megale minimizes the performance due to “less two business days, which did not affect the growth pace. Still below the historical average of 45 thousand 300 units a year, we are still on the right way”. Monthly sales are 17.5% better compared to September 2017. Machinery keeps on the path for growing Leandro Alves | leandroalves@autodata.com.br Anfavea figures AutoData News Agency Weekly Edition is produced by AutoData Editora Ltda . Rua Pascal, 1693 Campo Belo - São Paulo SP Brazil CEP 04719-001 Phone +55 11 5189 8900 . Translation: Allex Chies. Graphic Project/Art: Romeu Bassi Neto. Associated Team: André Barros, Bruno de Oliveira, Caio Bednarski, Leandro Alves, Márcio Stéfani. Responsible Journalist: Vicente Alessi, filho MS SJPESP 4 874. Editorial agreements: Tiempo Motor (Argentina) and Flash de Motor (Venezuela). The copying and/or distribution without previous permission are strictly forbidden.