2 2.6.2018 Anfavea’s balance V ehicle production increased 24.6% in January compared to the same month last year, reaching 216 thousand 834 units of automobiles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. In comparison with December there was growth of 1.5%. The data were released on Tuesday, 6, by Anfavea. According to the president of the entity, Antônio Megale, this was the best result for January since 2014, when 237 thousand 288 units were produced: “Considering the average of the last ten years the average is 217 thousand units for January, which shows that the market is coming out of the most regressive phase and growing again. “ The highlight for the month was the truck segment, up 57.2% compared to January last year. In a comparison with December there was a decrease of 5.3%. According to Anfavea’s vice-president, Luiz CarlosMoraes, the extra-heavy segment will remain strong due to agribusiness, “but therewill also be an impact on the urban distributionwith the recovery of retail, which contributes to the sales of other models of trucks, especially the smaller ones.” The agricultural machinery sector was affected by the paralyzation in financings and saw a 39.1% drop in January sales compared to the same month last year and a reduction of 55.8% when compared to December. “The January result shows that we can not have resource discontinuities because the day-to-day Vehicle production grows 24.6% in January Gilmara Santos | gilmara@autodata.com.br Anfavea