40 » END OF CHAT September 2018 | AutoData “The cost is similar to a nail: you cut this week and have to cut it again next week.” Marcos de Oliveira, president and CEO of Iochpe Maxion. “The Brazilians love to be late for the future.” Sérgio Leitão, executive director at Instituto Escolhas, during the Um Brasil (One Brazil) lecture series, sponsored by Unifesp. “The Government is strong with the weak and weak with the strong.” Sérgio Leitão, executive director of Escolhas Institute, during the Um Brasil lecture series, promoted by Unifesp. “Having a car is a thing of the past.” Uber’s advertising broadcasted on Kiss FM radio station, in São Paulo, at the end of August, during a musical program sponsored by Nissan. 9,5 % 122 709 000 3 600 000 600 was the average reduction in the demand for public collective transport service in Brazil last year, according to a study by NTU (Brazilian National Association of Urban Transport Companies). This is equivalent to kilometers is the maximum distance between two charging stations for electric vehicles installed on Via Dutra highway: an extra lane inaugurated in early August linking São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro has six stations along 430 kilometers. The service is free. is the total number of vehicles available in the rental companies’ fleet, also according to Abla. less passengers per day compared to 2016. hybrid and electric vehicles are available for renting at the rental companies throughout Brazil. The survey is from Abla, the association of the segment.